4 Good Reasons to Buy Land and Build

If you are looking to buy your first home, we think you will be making a great choice by building that very home at The Village Green, Aldinga. Here’s why!

You have time

That's right! Yes, you will need to pay a deposit at contract signing, however the balance will be paid at settlement. In the case of The Village Green, you have some months ahead to plan, budget and save, before parting with your savings!

Grants and Concessions

Check out RevenueSA to make sure you qualify for the first home owners grant as well as other stamp duty concessions that will make getting in to your first home that little bit easier.

Capital Gains

Although we can never guarantee what the market will do, we do know that in a growing market, you could be enjoying the benefits of the rising value of your property. At Aldinga, we have seen annual average growth of 5% just in the last 12 months.

Choose your package

There is the right lot and design for you. Work with our agent and builders to make sure you are buying a design that suits your lifestyle and needs.

So there it is, the reasons why we think buying at The Village Green, is a great investment and a wonderful place to call home!

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