A weekend away at home, in Aldinga.

Read on to find out what we think makes a great weekend away at home, in Aldinga!


You’ve just finished your drive home from work in town (38 minutes today, true story.) and if you have children, the 'witching' hour is drawing to a close and you are patiently waiting for the sitter. If you don’t have little ones, make a quick costume change and you are, Out. The. Door.

Where are you headed in this frosty weather? Just across the road to The Old Vine. The feeling of this establishment being rooted in history – literally by way of the remarkable Moreton Bay Fig Tree, is where the enchantment starts. Yes, it’s cold, the expansive outdoor patio might feel lonely, but inside it is quite the opposite.

Excited by the local fish on the menu? And the wine? Yes, local too – Maslin beach to be exact! Your night is drawing to an end and in moments you will be in the warmth of your cozy bed, a short walk away.


Rise and glorious shine. You’re up and running to Rosey’s café to settle in front of the wood burning fire to eat the “Full Spread”. We won’t describe it, just try it for yourself.

Next stop should be the Aldinga Arts Eco Village. Their mission is to work closely with the community on projects that promote sustainability, infrastructure and art. They hold wonderful events for all ages. Just recently they held the Festival of Colour! The entry fee was a donation that went to local a family to enrich their lives in a time of need: http://finjetcloud.com/. It’s beautiful to see this side of humanity and Aldinga is so rich in it.

Go home, refresh, and then take yourselves and the family to the Pepper Tree Café. You will eat well, you will dance and you will meet some of your lovely neighbours; a perfect ending to a great day.


Take it easy. Because life is easy here in Aldinga. The beach is undeniably beautiful and worth the stroll, even in Winter. If you are feeling more adventurous, get flying with Adelaide Biplanes at 1,000 feet, overlooking the scenic Adelaide south coast.

We love it here. And what we love is the diversity and the engagement of the people who choose to call Aldinga their home. We hope you have a great weekend away, at home!

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