Ready for a Sea change? Yes. Please.

Grew up in the suburbs of Glenelg? Still living there? Ready for a change? Although the future investments in the area - $110m plan to revitalise the Jetty and new developments along the waterfront – may amount to better capital growth in the short and longer term, why not take advantage of what other growing seaside towns can offer too!

Take Aldinga, for example. It was once just a weekend getaway destination, however over the last few years it has become one of South Australia’s more popular suburbs. A few reasons below as to why we think a Sea change to Aldinga, especially at The Village Green, is a great change!


Aldinga is only 44km into the centre of town. If you live in Sydney I can guarantee, that you would spend double the amount of time in your car driving 13km just to the M1 entrance from the North Shore. Living along the stunning and rugged coastline and still being close to the City? Major points from us!


We recently interviewed one of the founders of Miss Gladys on Sea, and their description of the community at Aldinga was so lovely and on point:

“Aldinga is so diverse. A country town almost consumed by outer metropolitan Adelaide, its community of greenies, ten pound poms, settler farmers, winemakers, artists, sea changers, tradies and weekend holiday makers are almost to a person, optimistic about the future of Aldinga as a place you would rather be.”

We hope that our new Village Green inhabitants will love the vibrant area that surrounds them, we definitely do!


Over the last five years, median house sales have increased 8.1% which sees Aldinga growing at a compound annual growth rate of 1.6%. Growing, but not too fast. The pace here is still so relaxed whilst the infrastructure and development improves for the local community. Projects like the Norther Connector, a freeway bridging the Northern suburbs with the South, can only benefit the countless people who rely on faster, safer and less congested routes to their destination.

We could go on, and we will! Watch this space for more information about the area, and check out our other blogs for more reasons to live at The Village Green, Aldinga!

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